Conditional Registration

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Conditional registration is open to all members of the Monaro Car Club Of SA provided that a set criteria is met. These are set by the Federation of Historic Motor Clubs of SA Inc (follow the link to read about the recent changes).

Conditional registration is available to financial members only. If your membership is not current, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles is notified and your registration cancelled.

Conditional registration is currently only available for vehicles 30 years or older (eg: HK-HZ Monaros are eligible but not V2-VZ as yet)

The required administration paperwork and log book can be carried out by the following Conditional Registration Officers and all inquiries can be directed to them.

When first placing a vehicle in your name on Conditional Registration you will need to get a MR334 form from a Club Reg officer. (signed in duplicate, we can not post)

Payments for the Conditional Registration product are made online from the online shop (as this is in addition to being a member. 

The required payment to the Monaro Club is $20/vehicle per year.

You can not pay for longer than your membership.

You can not pay for more years than available in your logbook. Which is a maximum of 3. (ie if your log book has 2 years left unstamped in it, you cannot pay for 3)

You can not have more than 1 logbook for a vehicle. 

Log books are not transferrable between members (at sale of car) and not transferrable between clubs. Old to be cancelled and new issued.

Membership and log books are financial year (1st July to 30th June) while your registration (with Service SA) may not be. 

You must also register vehicle (as on Conditional Registration) with service SA. that is initiated with the MR334 and they send you renewals for this as normal but remember - you must also be a member of a club with an indate stamped logbook.

You must fill out one line in your log book each day you drive (include year in the date) 

It is one day per line - doesnt matter who drives or how many times that day. Each driver must initial (leave room). Place the farthest suburb that you are travelling to in the trip description.


Northern Metro


Mob. 0412 414 952 


Central Metro


Mob. 0418 800 683 


Southern Metro


Mob. 0419 755 618



Yearly Administration Fees: 

New Member (under 12 months):     $20  Administration Paperwork & log book

Existing member (over 12 months): $20  Administration & log book

Renewal:                                                 $20  Administration & log book (if required)


*** A member must remain financial with The Monaro Car Club of S.A. Inc or registration will be revoked. Cars no longer need to be be inspected before the log book is restamped but the log book must be restamped annually and the appropriate fee paid.