All Monaro Day - November 23rd 2003 (2 more pix 3/2/2004) BACK HOME

The weather was cool at around the 18 degree mark and it was fingers crossed that it wouldn’t rain on us. We had a total of 122 Monaros on display, of which at least half were club members’ cars. We only had a no-show on 3-4 cars but that was counteracted by the other 16 cars that arrived late on Sunday plus we estimate that we had around 1200 to 1300 people file through the gate. Some of the owners had travelled long distances to attend our show, including one from Victoria, the Iron Triangle and the South-East. Hats off to those guys for making the effort to come all the way over here to be part of the action.
Overall the quality of the cars was exceptional, with some cars reputedly coming out of mothballs to be put on display. That silver mink HK was unbelievable. Coz of the cool weather everyone had the munchies and so we ended up selling out of food but not the drinks. At least we didn’t end up with stacks of stuff left over for once. Team Dynamik got a good showing with their V8 Supercar.
The judges for the show were JT, Durwin and Robin Newlands. Thanks must go to them for their sterling efforts to judge so many cars. They certainly had some fun trying to judge all of the cars as they were spreadeagled all over the place. Well done guys!!
At around 4.00pm it was time for JT to give out the 27 trophies on offer. The winners were grinners, I can tell you. The spread of club members who won a trophy vs. the general public was evenly split.
I reckon Big Pete must have worn out his boots racing around everywhere marshalling the troops and making sure that no clowns got out of hand. The talking to Pete gave everyone not to do a burnout when they were leaving was a classic. Unfortunately the raffle didn’t go off at the time coz not enough tickets went out the door. However, everything was ok coz it went off at our meeting anyway. Again, well done to everyone who put in a top effort to make it all happen. Special mention must go to Ken for organising everything, JT and Kirstin for their team effort, plus Big Pete and his family, Ozzie, Greg and all the guys on the barby, trailer Adrian, Brett and Jenelle on the drinks van and all of the committee members. Generally speaking though, the list of helpers was endless. The planning by the committee and special sub-committee that went into this event certainly made difference between an average show and a professional looking outfit. We can now go from strength to strength. Feedback from everyone in attendance was that it was a top display of Monaros and they’ll be back again next year.
Our Treasurer, Allan, was smiling as we’d brought in over $4,500 on the day, which will more than adequately pay all of our costs. Maybe even come out with a reasonable profit.